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Age Old Intrest

Spanking is nothing new as a form of erotic fun and punishment. We all know too well what a place it holds in the history of Education and in Erotic Literature of the past. You just have to look at classic spanking novels from the Victorian era to know the hold it has over us and how it has become part of our culture and that of other nations too.

What has caused the sexualisation of a form of punishment must have something to do with human nature. I know to well myself, as do others I have spanked, the feeling of release it gives you, the feelings of bonding as well as the sexual excitement of being spanked. Then there is the whole power kick of spanking someone and the giving of power by being spanked.

It is all such a complex beast, but its hold on us that indulge in such practices is complete and part of us. Saying I couldn't be spanked or spank others would be like cutting my right arm off, in that I might live but I would be without something that is important to me. I don't know what others feel but that how it would seem to me.

Clearly the person that took the old black and white picture above knew the same feelings to, or at least understood other people had a interest in the subject. The way the picture works erotically and sexually is wonderfully. The shades and the use of the black and white medium is perfect. The contrast that shows the ladies bottom is just perfection.

I know some of my interest in spanking, that has always been with me, comes from reading comics where everyone seemed to get spanked, Victorian Literature and TV programmes. Spanking is just part of us and although I come from an age where spanking wasn't main stream and have entered age where it not common at all, I still find people younger and interested in the same subject. You just have to look at books like "The 50 shades of Grey" to see that.

I'm part of the last generation that faced the cane at school and even then it was hardly really used but in rumor. It the sort thing I heard about, but never knew anyone that had been caned.  It was there as a last resort, more than being practiced, but from those rumor I dream of spanking and being spanked. It is an interest in the past and something that is being taken into the future. Long live the pleasure and pain of spanking.