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Mark of the Cane

When I was caning Miss Kinky on Thursday night I was reminded of my love of receiving and giving the cane. May it is being British that makes me love the cane so much but there is something special about this instrument of doom that I just don't feel for any other spanking implement. It just has the ability to be erotic and painful in so many ways.

From the caner point of view there is something satisfying about the cane. There is the feel of it and the power of the cane in your hand, the marks it leaves and the reaction that you get when it is well applied.

You know when you pick up the cane you have one of the ultimate spanking instruments in your hand. You can use it to cause a lot of pain or as an instrument of erotic pleasure. It all depends on how you use it. Hard well spaced strokes can cause you intended target to dread every stock, but fast rapid light stroke can tip the same person into subspace, a place to enjoy the ultimate pleasure. Picking up the cane gives you the power to deliver pleasure and pain, or both.

The marks you leave are as a caner are part of the art of caning. None of them should be high and none of the should wrap around the legs.  I get so frustrated seeing people think they can can on spanking tube only see them wrapping the cane. There is no need for it at all, it just requires a careful aim and practice and you can leave lovely marks on the bottom you are caning. One's they can get pleasure from later when they run there fingers of the marks you create.

Being caned is like nothing else, the anticipation followed by the burning pain feels like nothing else. A burning line of fire across your bottom, and if spaced right a pain that builds and builds with each stroke. Then there is the rubbing afterwards when you feel the marks left by the cane. You rub your fingers over them and you feel the ridges of each stroke. And finally you find a mirror and you put an image to the marks you have just felt.

The cane really is an instrument of choice for any spanker that really wants to feel or weld the ultimate weapon. I love using it and receiving it and it will never bore me. If you have never experienced it as spankee then seek it out just once and let me know how you feel. I love it bite of it on my bottom and the feel of it in my hand.