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Mutual Masturbation

We had a lovely evening last night with friends, having a few drinks and a lovely meal, the only question was how to end a lovely evening when we got to bed. The answer came with a nice session of mutual masturbation.

Sometimes you are just too tired for full blown sex but you want that relaxation that you get from an orgasm. That was the position we were in last night. So as played with Ms Kinky's pussy she played with my cock until we both reached climax. With that climax came that the warm glow you get after sex and the kissing and cuddling that results in a good nights sleep. Perfect for those times when your energy is flagging but you don't want to miss out on any fun. It also a nice form of safe sex you can use new partners before you, as they say in the USA, "go all the way" and as such is one of those great ice breakers in relationships.

It is something I have loved doing for a while, and thankfully something that Ms Kinky enjoys doing too. In fact I can on think of one previous partner that didn't like this form of sex. If you haven't tried it I suggest you do. Don't be put off by fact it not your bog standard straight sex, or thinking it is just something same sex partners do, it is fun for both parties and gives you both that release you both need.