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Party Fun

Well we both had a wonderful time at the spanking party last night. Ms.Kinky went home with a very red bottom, but as I was playing spanker I got away with a white one, although I'm sure I'm in for it when it comes to Monday spanking night at home. There was a little twinkle in Ms.Kinky's eye that know too well.

As is common at these events there was lots of food, a moderate amount of drink and lots of fun all round. One lady was being passed from knee to knee as spanker tried to get her bottom the same colour as the glass of rose wine she had been drinking. One spanker was giving demonstrations of how to use a flogger on a more than willing victim, who was just as willing to let the less experienced have a turn under his careful guidance.

There were was a public spanking rooms (the living room and dinning room) and the bedrooms were used as private spanking rooms were people that weren't ready to be exposed to everyone could use. As always everyone felt safe, people are just a shout away. I spanked a few female friends that had been winding me up for the last couple of weeks before the party and Ms.Kinky got all she deserved for similar behavior and a bit more, and well deserved I would say.

One lady almost dragged me off to be spanked and caned, but I was up for that we have been friends for a long while and it was nice to cane her lovely bottom again and then catch up with her news after the main event as she rubbed her very sorry bottom. Ms.Kinky went through a similar experience but from the other end when she caught up with an old spanking friend from the past. The marks she got are going to last a while, but the laughter told a story of the spanking fun she had getting them. I know how much she can top from the bottom and I'm sure she she knew what she was doing.

All in all it was a great night out and I would like to thank the hosts for a spanking good night, there know who they are. For those starting out, I can highly recommend getting known on the spanking scene on many of the good forums on the net, building your reputation and then joining the party scene. It really is the way to meet kinky people like yourself and enter the world of spanking.