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Pony Girl Fetish

One fetish I have admired in pictures is the pony girl fetish. The women always look so good dressed up and the pony tails look wonderful, stuck in their lovely bottoms. For some reason I have never got to trying it out, but after seeing this lovely picture it is a must. I can just see Ms Kinky with a tail like that.

It will have to wait for a while, as we are all spent out after Christmas, like so many people seem to be that we know this year.  I can see the possibilities in pony play for using the crop in a playful way, as well as a painful way, and then there is what can be done when you remove that lovely tail. It really is something we need try before the year is out, in the mean time I will have to carry on looking for some nice pictures for a picture post on the subject. If anyone has tried it it would be nice to know what you think.