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Role Play

Let me say that spanking children is wrong, and I don't support the practice in any way, but there are a lot of people interested in role play. You just have to look at the internet to find site after site dedicated to school girl and boy role play spanking such as Whipstock Grange a role play school for adults.

You don't need to be able to role play to be into spanking but if you try it you might find it fun, especially if you are playing rather than spanking for real reasons such as smoking, untidiness, rudeness etc within a relationship. However one has to be careful to be one big giggling fit and not make light of the whole thing if going to work well. It should be possible to make the whole thing fun but at the same time serious allowing lectures, scolding, corner-time, etc.

If you are new to this thing it can be very awkward and  in some case embarrassing to role play, but if done with another experienced role player it can soon become second nature with time. Yes, there might be a period of giggling to start with, especially with someone you know but it does get better and easier to do.

People think there has to be some kind of formula or script to follow when role playing, but in reality the best role plays are made up as they go along. You just have to simply agree the situation and work from there. If you have a fantasy you are following make sure you are both aware what you want to achieve from the role play and after a session discuss what worked and what didn't so the next time is even better.

If you enjoy role play it can be even more fun if you dress for the part. These are easy to get hold of from sex shops or if you want higher quality clothing that will last and last you can find it from more specialist websites on the internet. And before I finish on clothing, if you are on a budget have a look around the charity shops, it is amazing what you can find.

It is amazing the lengths people go to to find props for their role play. I know friends who look for school desks and stools. Any thing that they can find to give their role play more atmosphere, but you don't need these to start off, that's if you need them at all. Just like acting role play is all in the head. It is a mind game.

Personally I can relate to the idea of role play and regression as a way of letting go and I know others can too. Unfortunately for me Ms Kinky doesn't have much of an interest in role play but it doesn't stop me wanting to play in that area. I'm still working on something in this area we can do together.

I am seriously considering attending Whipstock Grange and it is just a question of time before I do. If you are interested you can find an excellent post by following this link about a day in the life of the school.One day I will turn up there and play along with the other players, I hope Ms Kinky will join me too, but we will have to see on that. The one thing I have in a boundary between role play and sex. I won't do the both together. For me would be wrong and I have never really grasped the Daddy thing we see in US spanking scene, but I guess that is just me. 

Clearly a lot of people like role play. You just have to do a Google search for spanking pictures, look around the professional sites, or other peoples blogs to see that role play is popular in the spanking scene. It is just fun and long may it continue to be so.