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Spanking Parties

One of the things I did many years ago when I started in the spanking scene was to attend spanking parties and it something i do today with Ms.Kinky. With one coming up next weekend all home spanking are off for the week other than those of the playful kind we sometimes use in love making.

Personally I think a well organised party, be it free or paid for, is a good place to start spanking, and if you can't find one you could consider a spanking professional until you can. The advantage is that it is a safe place to meet people whatever your sex and it a great place to learn too. You might think it is simple spanking people but to learn to cane safely or use a flogger erotically can take time to master and parties are a great way to tap other peoples experiences and skills.

 I love going to parties, it just the fun of the whole event and the socialising. The spanking may be the main event but it the fun to be had doing it too. It's not an erotic thing as such but a people thing. Being with people with the same outlook on life is so much fun and seeing all the warm bottoms and warming a few too is just a bonus. Not that I get my bottom warmed, I tend to be a top at such events but knowing when I get home Ms.Kinky will have her revenge keeps me nicely in check as far as her bottom goes!